Measuring Total Suspended Solids

There are different methods that are used to measure the total suspended solids. In one method, researchers must filter, dry, and take the weight of a given water sample while measuring for the total suspended solids. Basically, this will allow them to separate the water from the total suspended solids. Read More

Sources of Total Suspended Solids

For most outdoor bodies of water, the total suspended solids will come from the surrounding area and they will build up in the water over time. Otherwise, they will come from the aquatic ecosystem itself. Lots of inorganic and organic matter will tend to flow throughout a body of water. Read More

Total Suspended Solids

The total suspended solids constitute the amount of solid material within a given volume of water. However, the specific particles will have to be bigger than 2 microns in order to qualify within this measurement. This is partly a function of the fact that it is just too difficult to Read More

Measuring and Understanding Total Suspended Solids

It is useful for anyone involved in water quality monitoring or environmental science to be able to answer this question: what is total suspended solids and how is it measured? The total suspended solids in a body of water will have a huge effect on the quality of water in Read More