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Keith Martin’s fine record 2011-03-29 The Times Colonist Editorial Board After 17 years as the MP for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Keith Martin has called it a day. His retirement is a loss to the country. Martin is not a typical…Keith Martin’s fine record 2011-03-29 The Times Colonist Editorial Board After 17 years as the MP for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Keith Martin has called it a day. His retirement is a loss to the country.

Martin is not a typical…Parliament’s Dysfunctional World: Keith on CBC’s The Current 2011-03-23 CBC’s The Current – November 18, 2010 Keith talks with Anna Maria Tremonti from CBC Radio’s The Current about the sad state of Canada’s democratic institutions. Listen here:…Keith Martin’s good fight 2011-04-14 National Post Editorial Board February 6, 2008 It has been about three years since the longtime Reform MP Keith Martin fled from the turmoil of the unite-the-right movement, which was then just…Opinion: Investment in poor women, and good health, pays off 2011-03-08  By Don Cayo, March 8, 2011 – 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day Give a poor woman a fish and odds are that, just like the man in the adage, she’ll eat it -though she’s…The very reasonable Mr. Martin 2010-04-07 By John Ivison, The National Post – April 7, 2010 Much as Hamlet was suspected of madness and sent to England to recover his wits, “or if not ’tis no great matter there,” so those who…A Maternal Health Answer – Globe and Mail Article 2010-04-07 by Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail – Monday, April 5, 2010 1. Avoiding the abortion debate.

Keith Martin, a Liberal MP and medical doctor, may just have found an “out” for Stephen…An egregious situation 2009-04-08  The Globe and Mail – April 8, 2009 Adam Radwanski, Dr. Martin, thanks for taking the time to elaborate a bit on your call for medicare reform. You wrote this week…CBC’s At Issue Panel – Keith as most underrated politician 2009-12-11 Rex Murphy names Keith as one of the most underrated politicians of the year (the quote begins 1:45 into the video). PETER MANSBRIDGE (HOST): Yeah, the perils of being an opposition leader. Rex,…Fight goes on after doctor leaves House 2010-11-15 by Scott Stinson, The National Post – November 12, 2010 A shibboleth is defined as “a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth.

” I know this to be true,…HST interview on CBC News Now 2009-12-09 Keith speaking with Carole MacNeil on CBC News Now about how he will vote on the HST.Keith Martin’s Maternal Health Proposal 2010-05-26 By Kevin Carmichael, The Globe and Mail – May 20, 2010 This space has probably become a little heavy on banks and bank taxes. (If the Canadians and the Germans would stop talking about it, we…Keith on CBC Power and Politics – Maternal Health 2010-03-17 Keith discusses maternal health with CBC’s Evan Solomon.Keith talks HST on CBC’s The House 2009-12-07 Keith spoke with Kathleen Petty about the HST on CBC Radio’s “The House” in December, 2009.Liberal MP writes prescription for health care 2010-10-25 By Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail – October 25, 2010 A Liberal MP wants political leaders to finally show some courage and consider a health-care system that would allow Canadians to pay…Maternal Health Care Plan Endangered by PM’s Beliefs 2010-06-07  By Daphne Bramham, The Vancouver Sun – June 6, 2010 MP Keith Martin could save initiative for women in poor countries and give Stephen Harper a way to avoid enraging his anti-abortion…Mother of all issues 2011-03-23 By Walter Robinson, The Ottawa Sun – April 14, 2010 MPs can distinguish themselves by championing worthy causes Given present happenings on Parliament Hill, these are not good times to be a…MP Keith Martin will not seek re-election in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca riding 2011-03-23 By Sandra McCulloch, The Times Colonist – November 9, 2011 Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca MP Keith Martin announced Tuesday he won’t run for re-election, citing a “deep and profound…

MP plans to save the world without help of Bono, Bob Geldof 2009-10-14  By Bruce Campion-Smith, The Toronto Star – October 14, 2009 With apologies to Bob Geldof and Bono, Keith Martin thinks he has a better strategy for helping developing nations. And…Parliament’s sick, it needs a cure 2010-11-22 The Hill Times Editorial Board – November 22, 2010 Liberal MP Keith Martin, who first got elected as a Reform MP in 1993 full of vim and vigour and who stayed with it when it transformed into…Quick action to help Zimbabwe 2011-03-28 By Carol Goar, The Toronto Star – December 15, 2008 Just when it seemed every possible misery had befallen Zimbabwe, a fresh horror has broken out: Cholera. This is as close to a man-made…Tired of ‘rabid partisanship,’ Liberal MP quits 2011-03-23 By Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail – November 11, 2010 Former physician Keith Martin now believes he can do  off Parliament Hill than on in Keith Martin is done. The 50-year-old Liberal MP…Turn off your TV and take a walk, says MP 2010-05-05 By Jack Keating, The Province – May 5, 2010 MP Dr. Keith Martin is advocating a national turnoff day for children and adults. That’s turnoff, as in turn off the TV and computer once a week as…

World disasters call for “red-helmet brigade” 2010-08-18 Peter Goodspeed, National Post – August 18, 2010   Demand grows for international reaction force As Pakistan struggles with the biggest natural disaster in its history, complaints are…The Canadian Human Rights Commission 2011-04-14 Windsor Star Editorial Board November 26, 2008 An independent report by the University of Windsor’s Richard Moon says the Canadian Human Rights Commission should be stripped of its power to…Pursuing justice, one courtroom at a time 2011-04-14 By Kate Heartfield, The Ottawa Citizen – December 16, 2008 The world needs  lawyers. Really. Or at least, it needs  lawyers like Irene Petras and Andrew Makoni, who fight…Bossism rules 2011-04-14 By Andrew Coyne, The National Post – April 17, 2002 The Prime

Minister’s impulse purchase of two Challenger jets, at a cost of $100-million, on the last working day of the fiscal year, bears…Liberals’ Mr. Fix-it suggests path out of abortion quagmire 2011-04-14 By John Ivison, The National Post – April 6, 2010 Much as Hamlet was suspected of madness and sent to England to recover his wits, “or if not ‘tis no great matter…A slight shift on Afghan position might save Dion 2011-04-14 By John Ivison, The National Post – February 1, 2008 Stéphane Dion is preparing to declare a stunning victory for the Liberals on Afghanistan. Mr. Dion is subtly changing his original…Out of tragedy, a  secure world 2011-04-15  By Keith Martin MD, Vancouver Sun – August 25, 2010   Pakistan has been devastated. A quarter of the country has been flooded by torrential rains. A staggering 22 million people…MPs are ‘nobodies’ on the Hill, ‘like pawns in a chess game’: Franks 2011-04-27  By Bea Vongdouangchanh, The Hill Times – May 2008  Forty years…

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